Coherent One Way System

The Coherent-One Way system [1, 2] by GAP – Université de Genève, id Quantique SA and the Austrian Research Centers GmbH realizes the novel distributed phase-reference COW protocol schematically represented on Figure 1

Figure 1: COW protocol

Figure 2 represents a scheme of the implementation of COW. Alice and Bob mainboards contain FPGA (programmable logic), Gigabit Ethernet link and SFP connectors. Ethernet link is used to connect the card to computer.. Optical SFP modules or electrical cables can be connected to the SFP connectors. They allow the communication between the mainboards and the discrete electronics developed at GAP. The programming of the FPGA is used to generate the pulse sequences that are sent.. The sender and the receiver board contain discrete electronics and optics.

Figure 2: Schematic of implementation of COW QKD protocol

Figure 3 shows photographs of the fully integrated devices

Figure 3: Alice and Bob - the fully integrated devices.

1. N. Gisin, G. Ribordy, H. Zbinden, D. Stucki, N. Brunner, V. Scarani, quant-ph/0411022. 2. D. Stucki, N. Brunner, N. Gisin, V. Scarani, H. Zbinden, Appl. Phys. Lett. 87, 194108 (2005).

Coherent One Way System